Cat familiar die cut sticker {matte or glossy} - waterproof

Cat familiar die cut sticker {matte or glossy} - waterproof

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Are you drawn to cats? Do you often see cats while on your daily walk or looking out your window?

That could mean that a cat is destined to be your animal familiar. These pets would help witches in their craft but often people would reflect themselves within these animals.

If you feel drawn to a cat then you may be curious and mischievous in nature. You don't just give anyone your affection and love, your trust needs to be earned.

High quality die cut, waterproof sticker

approx. h: 3" by W: 2.07"

Original illustration designed by me! :)

Stickers are available in Glossy or Matte finish and are waterproof but not weatherproof (colours will fade in direct sunlight)

Sticker care:
Both stickers can be washed and matte stickers are dishwasher safe. Glossy stickers have a laminate placed on top and therefore are a bit thicker.

*Please note (matte stickers)
Colours will come off if sticker is scratched or rubbed with an abrasive item (nails. wire brush etc.) These stickers are handmade with waterproof sticker paper and inkjet printer.